Vayu Cyclones and all aspects related to it by Srijan IAS

Cyclone “Vayu”

Why in the discussion?

Recently, Indian Meteorological Department issued an orange warning for Cyclone 'Vayu'’. 
♦️The cyclone, called “Vayu” has risen from the East-Middle Arabian Sea to India which has hit the coast of Gujarat.

Key points: -

♦️This cyclone, called the Vayu, is comparatively relatively week compared to the Fani cyclone. But according to the forecasts, this cyclone will be kept in a very powerful form, in the category of 'severe cyclonic storm'.
♦️ Winds usually move from the center of high air pressure to the center of the low air pressure. That is, the high pressure goes on and under pressure. And that is why when the center of low pressure in a terrestrial area arises, it attracts monsoon winds. 

Cyclone ?

♦️Changing and unstable cycles of the early mountains, whose center is called low air pressure and outside high barrage is called 'cyclone'.
♦️The cyclone of circulation is generally the center of low air pressure, around which the equiovascular lines are concentrated and high air pressure on the perimeter or outside, due to which the winds move towards the center from the periphery to the cyclic speed.
♦️The direction of the cyclones varies due to the rotation of the Earth, in the Northern Hemisphere, in contrast to the direction of the clock needle ie the clock anty clockwise / counter clockwise and in the clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere, ie Clock wise / clockwise Direction is there.

Types of Cyclones

♦️Under the circumstance, there are two types of cyclones-

1. Tropical Cyclones
2. Temperate Cyclones

Major areas of tropical cyclones

♦️Such cyclones in the Caribbean Sea are called 'hurricanes'. They come mainly from June to October.
♦️The cyclones in the Gulf of China are called 'Typhoons'. They fall between July to October, which affect the Philippines, China, and Japan nation.
♦️The cyclones in the Indian ocean area are known only as 'cyclones'. They come to the shores of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Madagascar and Australia.
♦️In Australia, these cyclones are known as 'Willy-Willies'.

Note: In tropical latitudes, cyclones do not occur in the southeastern Atlantic and southeastern Pacific regions, whose main cause is the low heat of sea pages because cold streams flow here.

Pravin Dan Charan (Valdara)