22 September 2019 Rajasthan Current affairs in English

Anemia Free Rajasthan Program: -

  • In the anemia-free Rajasthan program, Rajasthan ranked 26th in the first report analysis of the year 2019-20 by the Government of India, and in 2019-20 report was released for 29 states (28 states and 1 unionized state).

  • Anemia-free program was started by Medical Minister Raghu Sharma from Jodhpur on 30 January 2019. In this program, pregnant women are given a dose of 180 or 360 mg of iron folic acid before delivery.

  • Under this program, students from class 6 to 12 are given a blue pill. Children in classes 1–5 are fed pink tablets.

  • 10 to 19 year old girls who do not go to the same school are given a blue pill.

Malnutrition in India: -

  • The Lancet Child and Adolescent has released a report on children under 5 dying in India due to malnutrition. According to this report, 68.2% of children under the age of 5 die due to malnutrition in India.

  • According to this report, children less than 5 years of age have died due to malnutrition in Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh after Uttar Pradesh.

  • Between 1990-2017, a decrease in deaths due to malnutrition of children under 5 years of age has been reported.

  • Bihar has the highest rate - 72.7%

  • The lowest in Kerala - 50%.

  • Rajasthan has been ranked fourth in this list.


Conference on child marriage: -

  • A conference on child marriage will be organized by the International Organization of Jonta from October 4-6.

  • In this international conference, India will be represented by Dr. Kriti Bharti of Rajasthan.

  • Dr. Kriti Bharti will be awarded the International Centenary Award in Colombo.

  • Kriti Bharti belongs to Jodhpur in Rajasthan.


Dr. Deepak Sharma: -

  • Recently, Dr. Deepak Sharma was made the President of the Society for Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care of America.

  • Dr. Deepak Sharma was elected at the 47th meeting of the Society held in the city of Phoenix.

He is the first Indian and youngest president of society, he belongs to Jaipur.

Fruit garden dedicated to daughters in Dungarpur, Rajasthan: -

  • Recently, it has been announced to make Rajasthan's first daughters' dedicated fruit garden in Dungarpur.

  • This decision has been taken by Dungarpur Municipal Council.

  • This garden to be known as Dikario's Wadi, will be the first garden dedicated to daughters of Rajasthan.

Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria will be the President of the Air Force: -

  • As the next President of the Indian Air Force, the Government of India, R.K.S. Has chosen Bhadoria's name.

  • He will replace B.S.Dhanoua after retiring on September 30.

  • Bhadoria is one of the best pilots of the Indian Air Force. Who has flown 26 types of fighters and transport aircraft, including one Rafale.

Total number of Indian expatriates 17.5 million: -

  • The total number of Indian expatriates in the year 2019 is 17.5 million as per United Nations data.

  • The official figure of total migrants worldwide is 272 million.

  • These figures have been released on the basis of age, sex and location of international migrants.

  • The second number after India is that of Mexico, as its number of migrants is 11.8 million.