Rajasthan Current Affairs 22 Octomber 2019

Rajasthan Current Affairs

Most Innovative Design in India Award : -

  • Recently, Mohit Phalod of Rajasthan was honored at the Excellence Award ceremony held in Mumbai.

The theme of the first Gandhi Museum in Jaipur has been stepped on Shantidut Kadam : -


  • He was awarded the Most Innovative Design in India Award.
  • The award was given by actress Madhuri Dixit.
  • Mohit is known all over India for jewelery use in bridal wear.
  • Mohit Phalod belongs to Jaipur.
  • The purpose of building this museum is to share Mahatma Gandhi's contribution with the people of the state.
    Lakshmi National Award of India : -
  • Parvati Jangid was presented during the felicitation ceremony held in Delhi.
  • 60th Police Day celebrations organized in Rajasthan : -
  • The award was given by the Lakshmi Awards Committee of India.
  • Parvati Jangid of Rajasthan has also been appointed as the Cultural Official Ambassador of Asia by Chiril Gaburik, head of the business world and former Prime Minister of Moldova, Representative of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Parvati Jangid belongs to Jodhpur.
  • The ceremony was held at the Rajasthan Police Academy.

Reason for celebrating Police Day : -


  • On October 21, 1959, under the leadership of CRPF police officer Karm Singh, a police team of 20 soldiers was ambushed by the Chinese army during patrolling at an altitude of 16 thousand feet at an altitude of 16 thousand feet in Hall Springs, Ladakh, in which 10 soldiers were killed. Went.
    A joint exercise of Sudarshan Chakra Vahini and Air Force of Indian Army is being organized in Jaisalmer : -
  • The commencement took place on 21 October at Jaisalmer District Firing Runes.
    Bridget Nation book : -
  • This exercise will be two days.
  • The marathon war game of the Army's 21 strike coat Sudarshan Chakra, Sindhu Darshan, started on 21 October.
  • 40000 jawans are participating.
  • Its purpose - the army to test its doctrine of any war designed keeping in mind the changing circumstances.
  • N. Written by Chandrasekaran and Rupa Purushottam.
    Indian International Film Festival : -
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi released it on 20 October 2019.
  • The first copy was given to Ratan Tata at an event held in New Delhi.
  • The 50th Indian International Film Festival will be held in Goa from 20-28 November.
    Visit of President of India to Philippines : -
  • It will feature films released in 50 years as well as 200 films from around the world.
  • It was announced by Information Minister Prakash Javadekar.
  • There were 4 bilateral agreements between India and the Philippines.
  • These agreements were in the fields of science-technology, maritime, tourism and culture.
  • This visit is taking place on the occasion of the political relations of both of them 70 years ago.